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Ringling's Position on Sharing Utilities such as Morpheus and Napster

    Ringling's Position on Sharing Utilities such as Morpheus and Napster

    The official Ringling College of Art and Design position on Napster and other sharing utilities such as Scour, iMesh and Gnutella is:

    • The software itself is not illegal, nor banned at Ringling College of Art and Design.
    • It is illegal to share copyrighted material for which you do not hold the copyright.

    The Ringling College's Internet link is a shared resource and primarily for academic use. Students who abuse this resource by generating high network traffic are tracked by Institutional Technology Center. The bandwidth offenders are contacted individually by the Institutional Technology Center. If the heavy usage is not academic related, then the student is advised on how to limit usage. Repeated offenses may result in turning over a student's case to the Dean of Students who deals with conduct violations.

    The student housing network is not intended to enable Ringling students to be Internet content providers. Using Napster with file sharing enabled increases the usage on our Internet link to a point that the entire campus network is adversely affected. In Napster, you can turn sharing off. In other utilities, you can point to an empty folder and have that be your sharing folder.

    Failure to observe these policies can result in a conduct violation, having your campus housing data network connection deactivated, or in severe cases, criminal proceedings. Ignorance of these policies is not an excuse for non-compliance.

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